Company law

Company law

By the legal services we provide, we support the business from the very beginning, we assist its development and identify the best solutions for the completion / termination thereof, as follows:

– Legal guidance on establishing appropriate legal form of organization and performance of the activity to be developed;

– Establishment of companies, subsidiaries, branches, representative offices, including foreign participation, and the proceedings at the Office of the Trade Register;

– Establishment of associations and foundations and their representation in front of the competent courts;

– Amendment of the incorporation documents of the companies / associations and foundations;

– Preparation of contracts / projects of assignment, merger, acquisition, division, transformation;

– Guidance and legal assistance on the activity of the company, the rights and obligations of the partners / shareholders, respectively the members of the company’s management and control entities, we assist them in the general meetings;

– Initiation of insolvency / bankruptcy proceeding and the progress of the proceeding in front of the legal administrator / liquidator and the court;

– The progress of the dissolution and liquidation procedures of the Company and representation in front of the Office of the Trade Register;


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