Debt collection in Romania

Debt collection in Romania

There are many situations when contracts are not performed according to the agreement of the parties, the bills are not collected on the due date, when loans are not repaid by the deadline or when other receivable rights of the creditor are disregarded by the debtor.

The more passivity of the creditor, the less chance there is to recover the amounts due.

To adjust this situation in favor of the creditor, we provide services for the recovery of receivables in Romania, for clients, individuals or legal entities, in any fields of activity.

We use the most appropriate legal means to determine or compel the debtor to pay, such as:

  • preparation and sending notifications/summons to the debtor;
  • preparation and defense of claims/actions in the court – action of general jurisdiction, payment claim procedure, claim of reduced value, European summons for payment, request the for the opening of insolvency proceedings;
  • requests for preventive measures – distraint upon property or insured garnishment;
  • cancellation of property transfers made by the debtor to the damage of the creditor;
  • requests for the enforcement of enforceable titles and tracking the performance of the enforcement proceedings until the creditor collects the receivables.


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