GRECU | GORDE brings together a team of attorneys who share the same vision, for whom each case represents a new challenge to identify and practice strategies and solutions to ensure the result desired by the Client, for whom performance does not accept compromises.

We constantly strive to offer our clients, Romanian and foreign individuals and companies, guidance, assistance and legal representation to high professional standards. We developed gradually our area of expertise and we made a network of collaborators both in Romania and abroad to respond promptly to any requests of the client.

Our professional activity is supported by an adequate logistic support to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of services.

Thus, we are always the partner that the clients need in this area, managing to develop ideas, find solutions and put them into practice, everything for more efficient protection of their rights and interests.


We have always regarded law as an art, believing that it is another expression of human creativity in which the attorney, together with the other participants, make the most of their knowledge and personal skills to complete a legal – work.

Art is everlasting. Therefore, we believe that today, the legal profession can be performed with passion, responsibility, and respect both to the client and toward justice.